Series latest work Dying: 1983 is a timely proprietary selling in PS5! Xbox, switch version is released

RIP RAIDERZ! So, About That Re-Launch.. Hah. 2P Games and NEKCOM is, horror adventure series latest work: in PlayStation5 DYING 1983 and in 2022 announced the timed exclusive sales.

New trailer this work, which was published the other day, DYING: Reborn, a first-person point of view of the puzzle horror adventure which is a sequel of. Players explore the 3D environment by operating the hero, solve the puzzle using the collected tools, and interpretation at the end is hidden truth. The number of puzzles tripled from previous work, hundreds of other strange items have been added, you have to change to the Metroid Cordova near style to explore a large map of the one from the stage system.

In addition, with regard to Xbox and Nintendo switch for the release of this film, 2P Games has issued a statement. According to the official Twitter, released information on Xbox and Nintendo switch of this work is that of that there is no one from the official.

DYING: 1983 after a timed exclusive release in PS5, the release will also be available on the PC (Steam) / PS4 for. It should be noted that at the time of writing, does not have revealed the release date of the PS4 and Steam.


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